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Cynthia Rowley Bedding Products

These bedding products have come a long way since their initial launch in the late 90s. Named after their creator, fashion designer Cynthia Rowley, these bedding products define variety. Few other brands can boast such a colorful and creative array of decorative options for bedding products. Quality is not only defined by the products’ artistry, but also, and foremost for their top-class materials. The brand has come to terms by finding the exact balance between homemade and mass-production. Even when these products are available all over, they still keep the creator’s personal touch in every piece. Coveted by thousands and enjoyed countrywide, these bedding items define excellence in every detail.

Why should I buy these products?

There are three key elements that will help you choose Cynthia Rowley bedding products over any other: materials, quality and durability.


Since variety is the name of the game when it comes to assessing this brand name, you can find all kinds of styles. This means that take whatever line of bedding design you wish, and you will be able to find it in a wide array of top-quality materials which feature: washable 100% cotton, sateen, silk, linen, polyester, wool knitting and brocade. Soft to the touch, easily washable and exceedingly original in color and design, materials are basic to any good bedding product and at Cynthia Rowley, folks know it well.

Quality & Durability:

All of Cynthia Rowley’s bedding products are made not only with the finest materials, but also with the most detailed confection. Made to last, covers, quilts, pillows and shams boast bright and durable colors. In addition, embroidered patterns don’t peel or wear away. Take a chance on designer’s bedding options and get rid of the standardized, copycat style you have been resorting to. You will be surprised to learn that Cynthia Rowley’s products are much more affordable than you thought. So, investing in these items is a smart choice for young families that work on a budget; in time you will find out that shopping for quality is definitely a smart choice and that Cynthia Rowley has taught us that affordability should not be detrimental to quality or durability, at all.

Bedding products you don’t want to miss

Duvet Covers:

These bedding products offer a wide range of alternatives to suit any style, decorative pattern or budget. Available in a three-piece presentation including duvet and two shams, cover sets cater for most home decoration needs. You can find delicate, light-colored duvet sets for queen or king-sized beds as well as bright-colored, heavy-duty materials made to last in any children’s room. All pieces are made of either 100% cotton in all of its varieties: sateen or brocade, light, washable polyester or in poly/cotton combos. Check out customer’s reviews to learn the benefits of purchasing these bedding sets.

3pc Duvet Cover Set Large Floral Jacobean Flowers Paisley Scroll
100% Cotton
Luxury designer duvet cover set, Bohe Scrolls Jacobean Flowers in Mustard Yellow Turquoise Taupe and Grey
300 thread count cotton sateen
Includes: 1 king size duvet cover and 2 king pillow shams
Feels soft to the touch, very comfortable and lightweight
Machine Washable.
3pc Full / Queen Duvet Cover Set Jacobean Flowers Medallion
100% Cotton
Luxurious 3 piece duvet cover set by designer Cynthia Rowley
Includes: 1 full/queen duvet cover and 2 standard pillow shams.
Made of 100-percent Cotton.
Feels soft to the touch, very comfortable and lightweight. Reversible pattern.
Machine Washable.
Full Queen Duvet Cover Set Paisley Large Moroccan Medallion
100% cotton
Luxurious duvet cover set by designer Cynthia Rowley New York
Beautiful Orange Yellow Red Blue Beige Gray large floral paisley medallion print on white background, paisley design
Made from 100-percent super soft cotton, button closure
Feels soft to the touch, very comfortable and lightweight
Duvet cover and 2 shams included

Finding the right comforter is so important because getting a good night of sleep affects every aspect of your life, especially your mood. There are many different options to choose from, for every budget and taste profile. Read along about the different options and in the end, make the choice that is right for you.

Down comforters

white down comforterIf you have a large budget, then go for high thread count cotton with goose down feather filling. This is a super comfortable and high quality combination that will last for many years, and even regulates body temperature so it works great in winter or summer. If you are looking for a more affordable option, you can still have a down comforter, but part of the filling will be polyester (this is called a down-alternative comforter), and the cover will be a lower thread count cotton, or linen. The down alternative isn’t as good at regulating body temperature as pure down.

Unfortunately, allergy sufferers may not be able to have a goose down comforter (a synthetic filling may be okay) so if you or your loved one has allergy issues make sure you test one out first. Also, the more filling you have in your down comforter, the fluffier it will be, but additional filling has an extra cost so keep that in mind. Although, if you are hot-blooded, you may actually prefer a lighter filling to keep you cooler while you sleep.

Cotton, wool, flannel, silk

If you decide against a down comforter, you have a few other options. Cotton is a classic choice, and probably the best option for allergy sufferers. It is a breathable fabric so you can use it all year. Depending on your budget you can get a very high-quality cotton comforter if you select a higher thread count (Egyptian cotton is the most luxurious).

Wool is a quality fabric that will last for many, many years, and is ideal for cold weather. Also, this fabric breathes well so it can be used in warmer months as well. Some people find the fabric irritates their skin, so make sure to test it out first. Also, make sure you’re aware of the washing instructions before you buy it (very often this fabric is dry-clean only).

Flannel is a soft and great option for winter (but not for warmer weather as it can make you sweat), and silk has a luxurious look and feel, works all year round, but be sure to check washing instructions before you commit.

A cheap synthetic polyester blend comforter is probably the most affordable of all the options, but it won’t last as long and is not as good at regulating body temperature as some other options.

Style and Color

Make sure the comforter you pick goes with the style and color scheme of the bedroom. For example, a room should stick to warm tones (orange, brown, and other earthy colors) or cool tones (blue, pink, purple, grey, black). Also, match the style of the room as best you can (simplistic, modern, eclectic, or country, for example). A bold black and white zebra print won’t look good in a room with flowered wallpaper, for example.

Whatever comforter you choose, make sure you think about every factor (style, color, comfort, feel, purpose and budget), do your research, and check out all of your options before committing yourself. That way you’ll be sure to pick the comforter that is right for you today and in the future, instead of buying something on a whim.


cynthia rowley embroidered patchwork owl pillow


Apart from the well-known bedding shams available in most sets, Cynthia Rowley surprises her followers with actual pillows, none of which look like anything you have ever seen before. Drive boredom away from your bedding clothes by resorting to these one-in-a lifetime items. Throw pillows with zippered backs can be found in silk-like shantung fabric or in exquisite beaded presentations. Also available in 16- inch size, there are partly beaded decorated pillows with beautiful flower patterns over white sequined background. All beaded pillows should be spot cleaned only, so be careful about following washing instructions. If beading is not your thing, wait until you see Cynthia Rowley’s Mongolian fur pillows, you couldn’t get any cozier than that. At convenient prices, these items make perfect gifts for the dear ones or can simply be bought for a bit of self-pampering.

For many years bedding was available only in soft colors, especially white or pastels. These days, however, there has been a color revolution in most bedding collections. If you are striving to boost your bedroom’s overall look, there are many different ways of combining colors and decorative patterns. The good news is that you don’t have to go all the way and change your entire bedding wardrobe. Only by adding a touch, here and there, you will be able to introduce some color and pillowcases may be just the thing.

Cushion Covers and Shams

Available in all styles and colors in most brand name collections, cushion covers and shams are great for decorating beds. On of the biggest advantages most present-day collections offer is that most of these items are interchangeable. Some top bedding sets give shoppers the chance to combine the items. Furthermore, many shams are reversible, thus giving you the opportunity to rejuvenate your bed without spending more. Finally, on of the perks of catalogue and online shopping is that most of these items have begun to be sold separately; a great plus for innovative amateur decorators.

Colorful Pillowcases

Ever tried to revitalize your bedding by combining your sheet covers with colorful pillowcases? This may turn out to be one of the most creative, yet affordable ways of introducing color to your bedroom. Let’s check out some of the options.

Black Pillow Cases

For a glamorous look, turn to black pillow cases which make great makeover items for those who have gotten tired of traditional bed clothing colors. A great advantage of using black pillow cases is that they last a long time as far as cleaning is concerned. Also, they can be easily combined with most bedroom furniture materials like wooden laminates. Moreover, there are lots of lighting arrangements that work well with black pillow cases. Go the extra mile by combining bright bedcovers like red or purple with black cases. Another choice to include black is resorting to patterned cases which combine flowers, stripes, animal print or dots in shiny colors over a black background.

Yellow Pillow Cases

Usually associated with cheerfulness and summer, yellow is said to be the color of happiness. For those out there looking for a sassy, more innovative look, yellow pillowcases can prove to be effective. Light up the color spark in any bedroom by switching to any of the various shades of yellow available on the market. Anywhere from bright canary to mellow gold, yellow can bring a lot of light. You can create a dramatic, almost daring effect just by combining dark duvets with yellow pillow cases. Patterned cases can be equally effective and there is a wide range of designs to choose from: flowery and striped seem to work best with yellow shades, although trendy geometric designs can also help to create an alternative more modern environment.

Next time you wish to introduce some color in your bedroom, consider renewing your pillow cases; it is a creative inexpensive way to put some zest back to your sleep.


cozy quilt by Cynthia Rowley

Source: Pinterest

Quilting is a traditional bedding technique that has been handed down from generation to generation. At Cynthia Rowley, New York, a way has been found to merge older techniques with the latest technology, giving way to a series of quilts that range from the most masterful to the coziest. You can find all kinds of quilting patterns available, patchwork being the most traditional and self-defining, however, you can pair your bedroom decor with the help of any of these superb three-piece quilting options. Quilt and matching pillow shams are available at great pricing and choices range from standard to designer pieces. Full/queen, king and twin beds quilts can be purchased in cotton, polyester or poly/cotton alternatives, all of which are totally machine washable. If you are looking for a classier, more exclusive design, at Cynthia Rowley you can get it, too. Only by taking a look at the available patterns, prints and designs can you get a feel of the options that lie ahead for you.

A quilt will look great in any room, especially if you choose the right look for the space. A few things you need to keep in mind in order to do this: color, pattern and contrast. Meaning, select colors that go with the color scheme of the room, pick an appropriate pattern, and find the right contrast. Here are some tips to help you find the right quilt to brighten up any room.


The color palate of the quilt you choose is very important and could make or break the style of the room. As a general rule, the colors should be in the same color family, so don’t pick a quilt with warm earthy tones (orange, brown) for a room that has a cooler color palate (blue, grey). So, if you shop for the quilt in a store, make sure you have a photo of the room with you, and if you’re shopping online, do it from the room you’re selecting it for, so you can look at the space as you’re comparing with the photos of possible quilts.


As important as it is to the pick the right colors, it is also important to pick a quilt that goes with the style of the room. For example, for a modern and simplistic room, a flowery country-style pattern would be the wrong choice. So, first think about the style of the room (is it modern, eclectic, country, Asian?) and choose a quilt that has the same style. Brands like Cynthia Rowley have a wide range of styles to choose from.


While sticking to the color palate and style is important, it’s also not good to have a boring room with just one color palate. Think about it this way, you’re trying to find a quilt that compliments the space, not matches it. So if the color scheme of the room is blue, don’t pick a quilt that is only blue, pick a quilt with cool tones (pink, grey, purple) as well. Also, if the room that you’re decorating is very plain or mainly white, a quilt with a splash of color or any exciting pattern could really spice up the space, so don’t be afraid to pick out something bold. Think of the room as a blank canvas.

Personal taste

One final thing to keep in mind when shopping for a quilt is that it is always important to stay true to your personal style and follow your intuition. Other people can give you their opinion, but at the end of the day it is your room and you’re going to have this quilt for a long time, so make sure you love it.

Quilts are fantastic because they are comfortable, warm, look great in any room, and they can last for many, many years. The important thing is to pick the right colors and style for the space, and to stay true to your personal taste.

4 Piece Quilt, Sham and Pillow Set
Bright turquoise and pink scroll paisley pattern
Set inclueds: 1 King Quilt, 2 King Shams, 1 Throw pillow
Matching throw pillow in done in stripes and pleat design.
Accent with teal and turquoise for a fabulous look.
Quilt reverses to stripes matching throw pillow.
3 Piece Double Full/Queen Quilt Set Reversible
100% Cotton, Fill: 80% Cotton / 20% Polyester
Beautiful French County Red Aqua Pink and Purple Large Roses Flowers pattern 3pc Quilt Coverlet Set reversible coral scrolls
3 piece set: quilted coverlet and 2 shams included
Material: 100-Percent Cotton, Fill: Cotton/Polyester/Rayon
Queen size measures; quilt 88 by 92-inch, 2 shams 21 by 27-inch
Machine washable, imported
3 Piece King Reversible Quilt Set with Shams
Blue, Green, Orange and Yellow Floral Pattern with Birds on White Background
Reverse has Orange Stripes Chevrons
Includes 1 Quilt and 2 Pillow Shams
Shell, 100% Cotton; Fill, 80% Cotton, 20% Polyester

In all, make the best out of your bedding style and get ready to enjoy more cozy time in your bedroom, lighten up your spring decor or revitalize your sleep by purchasing Cynthia Rowley’s bedding.