Cynthia Johnson

How do you clean a mattress by yourself?

It is highly advisable that you keep your mattress well maintained. This involves regular cleaning of the mattress and maintaining proper personal hygiene.

You must get a washable matress cover to protect your mattress from spills and dust and germs carried by your kids, pets, aged parents etc. Good quality mattress protectors are machine-washable as well as long lasting.

You must vacuum the mattress on both sides regularly to ensure that all dead skin, hair strands etc are removed.

You can also spray the mattress with a disinfectant on both sides.

Steam cleaning, airing and sun-drying the mattress are also recommended. You could try to use an upholstery cleaner.

You could also try using enzyme cleaners as they can break down the ‘structure’ of the stains which helps to loosen them effectively

Maintaining cleanliness of our bodies before going to bed also helps to keep our bedding and mattresses clean. You should make sure that no one in your house sleeps without having a shower. You might be carrying germs from outside which could easily get into the mattress.

Not using the bed for anything other than sleeping is also a healthy habit to develop which also helps to keep your mattress free of germs n other contamination.

If there is an odour emanating from the mattress, or if you doubt that it might be infested with dust mites or if there have been any accidents of urine or stools leaking on the mattress, you might want to check if the soiling is only on the surface or has it seeped deep inside the mattress. Such extreme situations might warrant professional cleaning using high suction vacuum cleaners for complete sanitization. Wrapping the mattress in plastic film for a few days to weeks may also help to kill all mites and eggs, if indeed there is an infestation in the mattress.

Please note a mattress is not meant to be washed with water. If you try doing that, the moisture is likely to end up destroying the mattress instead of cleaning it.

Mattress Buying Guide – How to choose the perfect mattress for you?

The most important thing to consider when looking for a mattress is the firmness. The right mattress for you is the one that does not feel too firm or too soft. The right level of firmness differs from person to person as we all have different body constitutions.

If you sleep on a mattress that is too hard or too soft for you, then it will become uncomfortable for you within a few days and will also hinder with the quality of your sleep.

A memory foam mattress adapts its surface to the contours of the body of the person sleeping on it. It is highly breathable so that would be another factor to consider.

 A mattress must be 20 cm longer than the body length of the person sleeping on it and its width must be at least 160 cm if two persons are going to sleep in it. These dimensions make the mattress proportionate to the body of the sleeper and offer optimum sleeping comfort.

If you are planning to sleep on a single mattress, it must be at least 90 cm wide so as to allow natural movement during the night. 

We must take note of the fact that bodyweight distribution differs from person to person and the perception of firmness and comfort is different for every single person. Hence it is essential to consider the factors that affect our sleep when we are sleeping with another person.

When two persons are sleeping on the same mattress; the pressure created is of two different bodies, which needs to be considered. Here, foam mattresses with memory foam are highly suitable as they give comfort to the body and protect against bed sores.